“You DON’T have to be in shape before you JOIN our Team – that’s our job”


The Playground Gym offers a large variety of options for any level of fitness. Personal Training, Group Fitness, Open Gym Model (all the time), Power Lifting, Weightlifting, Kids Fitness (ages 6-up), Sport Specific Programs, Strength/Endurance Program and Coach for Life.

Regardless of the option you chose to pursue, you must be very experienced before training at our facility. We focus on Quality and NOT Quantity. If your goal is to join our Group Fitness Classes you MUST pass thru an Assessment Phase to be sure your are moving in a safe and efficient manner.

Our Coach for Life program is a Hybrid combination of One on One Training along with Group Training. We also offer Personalized Program Design w/ access to open gym if your schedule wont allow you to make Group Class Sessions.

Our State of the Art 10,000 Sq Ft Facility is fully stocked with the best equipment necessary for any discipline or modality you wish to train.

Playground Gym – 08-15-18

Row for Calories @ 80-90% Sustainable Output
30 sec @ 80-90%
30 sec Rest / Row – very slow pace – hardly moving – just keeping blood flow
8 Rounds x 3 Sets
Rest 5 Mins between Sets
Total Time = 34 Mins including 2 x 5 Min rests between Sets #1 and #2

Stretch and Recovery
ROMWOD or Coaches choice



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"This is an excellent facility with some of the best coaches in the business. We held a seminar here this past weekend and Steve and Heidi were more than accommodating. Their hospitality was first class. Would come again / would recommend!"

− Adam Palmer

"Joining BCF was absolutely the best decision I have made for my health and goals. Not only is every workout challenging but it shows me that I can push farther than what I thought. Best of all is the people and how we push each other to the very finish. Even if your last to finish you still have a group around you cheering you on. They have taught me to compete with myself and erase all limitations I once had for myself."

− Cristina Fonseca

"This is a great facility with the best, most motivating, knowledgable coaches you'll find. You'll never get tired of the same ol' Workout, as the staff here is always keeping things fresh. Plenty of individual attention, as well. The coaches here are what makes this gym a place where I spend 6-8 hours a week. The only downside to coming here is your DVR will get full of all the TV shows you no longer have time for!"

− Geoffrey Shaffer



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CrossFit & more in Davie Plantation FL


The Playground – Broward CrossFit in Davie / Plantation / Weston / Fort Lauderdale area was founded by Steven Bowser in 2007 who comes from a Bodybuilding and Powerlifting background after playing Football, Track, Wrestling, and Kickboxing. Steven took on the Head Coaching position of the National Pro Grid League Team Miami Surge in 2014 leading the team to a 3-1 inaugural season losing in the second round of the playoffs to the Championship Team DC Brawlers. Steven has also coached and programmed for multiple Regional and Games Level Athletes along with ordinary every day individuals who wish to just stay fit or look good as they age.

The coaches at The Playground – Broward CrossFit in Davie / Plantation / Weston / Fort Lauderdale area are not only well educated they have a passion and desire to help members break thru any barriers they may have to reach their fitness goals not only physically which is the easy part but mentally as well. Our number one priority is safety and proper positioning prior to adding load. Once our members master the movements they can bump up the weights and intensity.


The Playground – Broward CrossFit in Davie / Plantation / Weston / Fort Lauderdale area is the first official CrossFit Gym in Broward County and has over 10,000 Sq Ft of open training space. We have a Powerlifting Team loaded with Record Holders (Broward Barbell) and USAW Olympic Weight lifting Team offering Open Gym all the time with tons of specialty equipment including 5 Platforms, Jerk Boxes, Pulling Blocks, Eleiko Weight Set, Speciality Bars, etc.

We also offer Endurance Program design with track workouts programmed weekly via Coach Chris Hinshaw (Ironman athlete) who trains countless Games athletes including 2015 Games Winner Katrin Davidsdottir. There is also an area with machines for accessory work such as Leg Press, Cable Row, Lat Pull Down, Leg Ext, Leg Curl, Inversion Table, Reverse Hyper, and 32 Concept 2 Rowers besides our 54 Ft Custom Rig with Countess Barbells and Bumper Plats. We even have 12 Prowlers and 2 Big Bob Sleds shipped in from the Games 2014.

As if that isn’t enough we have a Shower, Kids Waiting Area, Full Body Cryotherapy Unit offering discounts to our members, A Pro Shop, and Vending machine with Healthy Snacks and Drinks. Our facility has spared no expense and all outsiders who drop in cant say enough about how they wished they lived locally to belong to our Fitness Club. Go to About Us and check on Facility to see full Equipment List.

Perfect Location

The Playground – Broward CrossFit is located conveniently off of 595 and Nob Hill Road in Davie close to Weston, Plantation and Fort Lauderdale. Our newest location is inside the 595 Corporate Commerce Park in between Nob Hill Road and Hiatus Road on the south side of 595. We are centrally located to make it easy to commute from Fort Lauderdale or Weston for amazing coaching. We have a physical address of 10412 W State Road 84 Suite 104, Davie, Florida 33324.

The front building is a two story building 10368 W State Road 84 – just drive behind that building and when going South it will be your first right hand turn – we are located directly behind Guy Harvey.


Low Coach to Athlete ratio

Our Playground Broward – Broward CrossFit Gym Workouts were built to get you individualized coaching in a group atmosphere. We believe in this philosophy and average 1 coach for every 7 members in a class so that you always get the attention you deserve.

We are the only CrossFit gym serving Davie, Plantation, Ft. Lauderdale or Weston to give this low coach to athlete ratio. You will always get better results when your coach has the time to focus onyou. A low coach to athlete ratio makes every workout similar to having a personal trainer, but without the cost.


They say a CrossFit Gym is all about community. You’re going to find an abundance of supportive community at The Playground – Broward CrossFit in Fort Lauderdale Davie Fl. Our members cheer each other on, sweat together, party together, and end the end, become a family together. If you’re going to have to find a workout, shouldn’t it be with friends?

Since 2008, we’ve developed the strongest community in Fort Lauderdale serving Weston and Plantation.

History of CrossFit

CrossFit was formally established in 2000 by Greg Glassman. By 2005 there were 13 affiliate gyms. Because of the incredible results people have seen, there are now over 8,800 CrossFit affiliate gyms worldwide, making it the largest fitness organization in the world. How do you argue with those results? One of the best articles, published by “The Box” magazine, outlines the history of CrossFit. One of CrossFit’s largest strengths is that it is scalable and usable by anyone at any age. There are 80 year old people using CrossFit to stay healthy, 350lb + people using CrossFit to lose weight, and 5 year old children using it to learn about fitness. Even the US Military uses the methodology to train it’s Special Forces.

A simple way to sum it up. CrossFit founder Greg Glassman realized that specializing in one athletic domain meant losing the ability of the athlete to perform in others. Think of the strength capacity of a marathon runner, or the endurance capacity of a power lifter? They gave up one capacity for another. Greg’s goal was to determine the “Best methodology to determine and produce the fittest humans on the plant”. His discovery was that by mixing the best training disciplines of other sports, we could become the best and most fit versions of ourselves. What is athleticism? It is being able to perform optimally in the following modal domains: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

CrossFit is the most effective way to do this, in the least amount of time. 8,800 gyms and hundreds of thousands of people can’t be wrong. If you are in or near Davie, Plantation, Weston or the surrounding area come join a CrossFit Gym who values you as an individual and wants to help you achieve your goals.