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Push Press, Row, Snatch, OH Squat

By 11/18/2009No Comments


Warm Up

Joint Mobility

Light Stretching

400 Meter Run

25 Air Squats

25 Push Press 45M/35W

Workout of the Day (WOD)

Push Press 3 – 3 – 1 – 1
rest as needed then:
5 Rounds for time:
250 Meter Row (Sprint)
5 Power Snatch 95 M / 65 W
10 Overhead Squat 95 M / 65 W

Core Work

(2 Rounds)

50 Ab Mat Sit Ups

50 Back Extensions


I have had several members ask about our Thanksgiving Day and the Day after Thanksgiving Day hours.  I am open for suggestions.  I dont mind coming in for 1 session on each day.  Please post under comments what times would be most suitable for everyone.  I can assure you it wont be before 10am or after 2pm.  Maybe one day we can do an open gym so everyone can pick whatever WOD they want to do and the next day an Olympic training session or Kettlebell session since we are very proficient at teaching either.