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2 a day

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All of us at CrossFit Affliction (Affliction Fitness)  and CrossFit Ft Lauderdale (The Playground Gym) would like to wish each and everyone of you a Happy New Year.  If you are ready to set your 2011 Goals and fitness is on the list you are in the right spot.

About us:

We are the Premier CrossFit Facility of Broward County with 2 locations.  Location #1 in West Davie and location #2 in Downtown Fort Lauderdale and a 3rd location coming soon in Southern Broward County.   CrossFit Affliction is the first CrossFit Facility to open in Broward County in 2007 (3rd Affiliate in Broward) and has successfully continued to offer ELITE Fitness for EVERYONE.   Our client base consist of Professional Athletes (NFL, MMA, Tennis Pros, Marathon Runners, etc…), High School National Champs (Flanagan High School Baseball Team) Navy Seals, Fire Fighters, SWAT, to Grandmothers and stay home moms.  Our unique program is designed for all levels of athlete.  NO ONE is too in shape or out of shape to participate.  Everyone has the same goals and desires to obtain fit levels whether you want to be able to saddle a horse, pick up your grandchild, body slam an opponent during a cage fight, or just simply look good at the beach.   We combine Strength and Conditioning with Power and Endurance to build the most well rounded Athlete attainable.

Previous to training at our facility you must complete an on ramp course.  This 2 day course is private sessions with a coach who will go over all the movements.  This CrossFit 101 crash course will explain in detail the Barbell Movements, Olympic Lifts, Kettelbell Movements, along with all other required CrossFit Exercises.  You will also be put through a Baseline Workout or Fitness Assessment to identify your current athletic status.  This Baseline Workout will be completed every 3 Months to show evidence of increased metabolic progress and strength adaptation.

So lets be honest with each other – our program is not easy.  You have to be 100% committed to hard work and dedication toward your fitness goals.   If you want an improved lifestyle and overall better fitness and health call us to set up an appointment.  We have the most experienced trainers holding a large variety of Certifications including:  CrossFit Level 1, Coaches Prep for Level 2, Olympic Weightlifting, Barbell, Kettlebell, Football, Running and Endurance, Nutrition, POSE Running, Movement and Mobility, Rowing, USA Olympic Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, with several more to come.  Our Program and Coaching has a history of incredibly quick results.

So at this point the ball is in your court.  Its up to you to actually make the call and get into our Training Facility.  Once you get here we have an actual Plan for you starting off with Nutrition, Training, and Recover.  Hope to hear from you to discuss your goals and desires.  A free tour of our location can be arranged.  And by the way we do have a beginners course so using the excuse that you need to get in shape first wont work for us.


Warm Up

Joint Mobility and Line Drills

21,15,9 of
Wall Ball 20M/14W
Toe 2 Bar
rest 10 mins then
Row 500 Meters
65 Kettlebell Swings 70M/53W
15 Pull Ups
Row 500 Meters

Cool Down

Band Stretching and/or Foam Rolling

Olympic Weightlifting Class 630PM Only!!!!!!!!

Clean and Jerk



What should you consider before you join a CrossFit Training Facility?  Do they have enough equipment for the entire group.