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Squat Cleans and Conditioning Work

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Warm Up (10 minutes)

Joint Mobility

500 Meter Row

Strength and Skill Work

In 20 mins work up to 1 rep max on Squat Clean

Conditioning Work

AMRAP in 10 minutes
10 sandbag cleans 50m/35w or KB Swings 53m/35w
Run with sandbag or KB 50 meters


Coaches Notes:

Strength Work – Have athletes work up to a 1 rep max Squat Clean from the floor.  Beginners scale back to a Hanging position or from Position #1 and work on skill with pvc or empty bar.

Conditioning Work – If athletes choose Sandbag Cleans, they start from the ground every rep and into a power clean.  Once the athlete hits 10 reps they run with sandbag 50 Meters and repeat.  Modified version is Kettlebell Swings instead of Sandbag Cleans.