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We have lots of events coming up in the next few weeks.

We should have the final results of the 90 Day BMI Challenge this week.  Congrats of everyone that toughed it out for that long period of time.   Amazing results are being handed in to Heidi from the Bod Pod test progress sheets.  Once things calm down we will see some before and after pics along with filmed testimonials.   I noticed some serious body transformations.

April will be representing our gym at the 2010 CrossFit Games South Regional Qualifier in Jacksonville Florida May 28, 29, and 30th.  Several of us will be going up to help cheer her on and coach her.  If anyone is interested in going get in touch with Heidi or myself.   April has blossomed into an Elite Athlete and all of us are truly proud of her excelling in the Sport of CrossFit.

Coach Wilkes Weightlifting Team will be flying down to our facility to run an Olympic Weightlifting Seminar on Sunday June 20, 2010.  Sign up now since there is limited space available.  This event will be sure to help on your Clean & Jerk along with the Snatch.  Click on the Banner on the top of our site to get me info.

Last item of interest.  You are going to see a major shift in our programming towards a One Month Strength Program called the 5-3-1 mixed in with short CrossFit style met cons.   I refer to it as a Hybrid Strength and Conditioning Program.  Although our program is General Physical Preparedness (GPP) we are gearing it towards getting major Strength Gains for a 4 week cycle.  I have actually followed the program for a short period and already started getting PR’s (personal records).  I am also in constant contact with some Top Athletes and Trainers around the Country gaining positive feedback on Jim Wendler’s 5-3-1 Program so I purchased it and now we shall implement it.

Please realize this program is going to be a Coaches Nightmare.  So be on time and get the group warm up done immediately so we can break into groups and get to work.  You will be required to do a minimum of 3 Warm Up Sets prior to your Work Sets.  The Warm Up sets should be around 50% of your max lift and do between 5 – 8 reps.  After you complete your Warm Up sets move into your Work Sets.  This entire process will be given a time limit of 15 – 20 minutes.

Once your Strength Workout (SWOD) is complete we will move directly into the Conditioning Workout.  This CWOD will constantly varied with a mixture of Assistance Movements.  At the end of this Strength and Conditioning Session you will have an option to do more Core Work or Cardio Work depending on your fitness goals.   There is an entire list of  Assistance Movements on the rear white board to pull from which may include Dips, Sled Pulls and Drags, Sprints, etc….

Keep in mind the 5-3-2 Program is a 4 day routine (M – T – Th – F).  Wednesday will be a Chipper or Grinder which means there will be lots of movements in one workout such as a Filthy Fifty or Fight Gone Bad.

What does all this mean = You are going to see sick results in a 4 week period.

Oh one more thing which I cant believe I almost forgot.  A few months back our Facility had the pleasure of Training the Flanagan High School Baseball Team in a 12 Week Strength and Conditioning Program.  I would like to take this opportunity to Introduce the 2010 Class 6 A State Champions – The Flanagan Falcons.

Not as if thats enough great news.  Joe Cole Plumbing installed our Pull up bar system and in return our facility did some one on one training with Joe’s son Johnny Cole who happened to be the starting pitcher for Archbishop MaCarthy High School who believe it or not is now the 2010 Class 4 A State Champions.   Thats 2 for 2.


click here to read article on Flanagan High School Victory

click here to read article on Archbishop MaCarthy High School Victory

We are the Champions!  Flanagan High School 2010 Falcons Baseball Team.  The beginning.