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Broward County SWAT Round Up

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It was an Honor to be invited to help run all the SWAT Teams through a condensed version of a CrossFit Workout.  11 SWAT Teams participated in the Workout which consisted of the following for time:

21 Kettlebell Swing 44#
100 Meter Sprint
25 Push Ups
25 Air Squats
25 Burpees
100 Firemans Carry
21 Kettlebell Front Squats 44#

This was a Team Effort – The teams varied from 9 to 25 Members.  Once the Kettlebell Swings were completed the entire team did a 100 Meter Sprint.  Once every team member was back from the Sprint the group began doing the push ups, air squats, and burpees.  When the last team member was done with the burpees the team would pair up and do a Firemans Carry or Officer Down Rescue Carry for 100 Meters.  Once ALL the team members were back across the line – 21 Kettlebell Front Squats were performed which completed the Workout.

Here is the times each team completed the Workout.  Everyone did exceptionally well.

  1. Davie PD                      2:59
  2. Plantation  PD              3:18
  3. Coral Spring PD          3:24
  4. Hollywood PD              3:38
  5. Broward SO                  3:39
  6. Margate PD                  3:49
  7. Pembroke Pines PD    3:51
  8. Cape Coral PD             3:56
  9. Coconut Creek PD       4:00
  10. Hallendale PD               4:03
  11. Miramar PD                   4:10




CrossFit meets SWAT Round Up in Broward County, Florida 2009.