Broward CrossFit Success Story: Dena

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Like everyone can attest to (I’m sure) I am my own worst critic and am very hard on myself. But after being at Broward Crossfit for 2 years now I can honestly say I am the strongest and fittest I have ever been in my life. I have conquered my fear of the box jump and rope climb. I can do kipping pullups, chest to bars, double unders, and ring dips. I can lift heavy weight! I have muscles in my arms, back, legs, and stomach that I thought I would never see on my body. I feel fit and beautiful. And the great booty is a plus! When I’m out in public people will stop me and ask what I do to look so “fit” and I tell them CrossFit and of course let them know that I train at Broward Crossfit in Davie, Florida! I can’t imagine doing any other fitness program.

I love to lift weights. My favorite movement is the Power Clean and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been closely coached by Steve, Heidi, and Billy. They watch, observe, and offer their professional advice to bring you as close to perfection as they can. With commitment, time, and perseverance you will get that perfection you’re striving for. Steve’s programming is top-notch. I love how he incorporates strength, skill and cardio in every daily workout. The barbell movements are my favorite but I’m getting better each day with the body weight movements. As a CrossFit athlete you are always improving. I have built a second family at this gym and I consider my workouts at Broward Crossfit my “gym therapy.” Sure there are hundreds of “CrossFit” gyms in South Florida but they do not hold a candle to the expertise and knowledge that the owners and coaches at Broward Crossfit possess. Best of the Best!

– Entered By: Dena Wells

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