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The chronic leg injuries left me feeling down and defeated. The running offseason gave me a nice 25 pound weight game; complements of a high-carb diet. I thought my days of running and being fit were in the past until I saw an advertisement for Broward of Crossfit. I was nervous coming from a place of never doing weights and being very intimidated by muscular athletes. I signed up, did my two-day on ramp coarse and followed the diet that they showed me during my second day. The athletes at Broward Crossfit were extremely welcoming as well as being the nicest athletes that I have ever met. The intimidation factor went out the window.
A coach is always there to make sure all the newbies are fine with their form. Within 2 months all the excess weight shed and I felt just energized. I turn 40 in July and I am in the best shape of my life. I have been with Broward Crossfit for over a year and a half and it has helped me in every facet of my life. The increase in energy has helped with me being able to play with my children. It also helped with my marriage, my wife and children are all cross fitters. It has also made me become an injury-free runner and I have gotten better times within both my half and full marathon times. Broward Crossfit has become my place for fitness and I have made some incredible friends at the Box.

I was overweight, way out of shape, tired all the time. I joined Broward Crossfit loss weight, gained confidence and have been running full marathons, and Spartans. I would never be able to accomplish any of it if it wasn’t for Broward Crossfit.

– Entered By: Omar Medrano