Broward CrossFit Success Story: Veronica


I can truly say that CrossFit has changed my life!

Looking to try something different and get excited about working out again, my spouse and I decided to join Broward CrossFit in February of 2012. I’ve been to other chain gyms where both members and trainers would chastise me on my eating habits, my weight, and whatever else they felt was a good form of emotional abuse for the day. Starting a new gym was a rather nerve racking experience to say the least. Because of fear and nerves it took me a little over a year to jump right in and give the gym a chance. And I’m glad I did!

I was nervous and scared and my mind said; “I’m a “big” girl, there is NO WAY I can do (insert ANY workout/movement here)!” From the moment the stepped in the door that fear and those nerves were left in the car. The coaches are amazing, they will scale any movement so that you can do it at your level; you may not be able to do a 150 lb dead lift today, but I guarantee you with work, practice and determination, you’ll be doing one someday. Anything at any size and any skill level is possible. There is constant encouragement, kind words and a gentle nudge to go out of your comfort level from everyone around. And it’s not just the coaches that are amazing, its members as well. Never have I been in a fitness environment that is as encouraging as Broward CrossFit, if you’re the last one working out, there are cheers from the gym to; go go go, you can do it!

I’m glad I got rid of my nerves and gave CrossFit a chance, I can accomplish movements and workout routines I NEVER thought possible. I’ve been a “big” girl my entire life and doubted my fitness abilities at every turn. CrossFit has given me a confidence I can be proud of and I can hold my head high. One of personal goals was to become a runner, simply because I never could. Thanks to CrossFit I’m on my way to becoming a runner, I’m presently a jogger, but I used to be a walker, so I’m headed in the right direction. I’m constantly bragging about my gym and its members, any chance I get I like to spread the word and get my friends and family to join me. I shouldn’t be the only one having all the fun!

Veronica “V”

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