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“Broward Sheriff’s Office SWAT” does “Fight Gone Bad”

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Broward Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team takes on “Fight Gone Bad” Workout

Fight Gone Bad = 5 Stations of Row, Wall Ball 20#, Sumo Deadlift High Pull #75, Jump Box 20″ and Push Press 75#.  Complete each exercise for one minute, after the minute is up you switch to the next exercise.  The clock does not stop so rush to the next station.  After the completion of the 5 exercises you get a one minute rest period.  You will complete these 5 exercises for 3 Rounds.  The entire WOD (workout of the day) takes 17 minutes.


We started out with a standard CrossFit Warm up which included 3 Sets of Push ups, 3 Sets of Air Squats, and a quick half mile run.  Then the Pain began.

IMG_4909 Form was strict.  Good example of Sumo Deadlift High Pull with Jump Boxes in the background.

Concept 2 Rowers are measured by Calories burned during the 1 minute period.


Wall Balls are very taxing.  Full range of motion is stressed.  Brian was watching closely.


IMG_4878 75 # Push Press was on the menu.  Head thru the window at the end locks out the shoulders.

Results of all Athletes who participated in “FGB” :

Cris M      243
Matt W     233
Chris H    223
Eddie G   212                  Great Scores
Richard S 211
Jason R    206                 Form was Stressed
Giardo L   201
Juan B      201                  Intensity was High
Scott P     198
Mike B      198                 No one quit
Kevin M    197
Steve R    193                  No one visited Pukie Bucket
Matt P       190
Joe C        190                 Keep up the good work
Chris L      186
Pablo P     181                 STAY SAFE!!!!!!
Chris W     181
Juan M      174
Steve G     172
Carlos G    150




I see a National SWAT “Fight Gone Bad” Competition coming on.


Any SWAT Team is invited to come out and do “Fight Gone Bad” on your training day.  See how your scores compare to Hollywood SWAT and BSO SWAT (who both did very well).  Contact me on my email address on left side if interested.  Check out the BSO SWAT photo album for more pics.


IMG_4927 Group photo with trainers Heidi and Steve B.


I would want these 3 on my team.  1st, 2nd, and 3rd.