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Warm Up

Joint Mobility and Light Stretching

Workout of the Day (WOD)

Run 800 Meters
Row 500 Meters
30  Box Jump  24”M / 20 W
30 Kettlebell Swing 73#M / 53#W
30 Double Unders or Jump Rope 150 times
30 Wall Ball 20#M / 14#W
30 Lunge each side
30 Push Press 95#M / 65#W
30 Burpees


Wanted to give a Shout out to Marysville Fire District Ladder 62 Aid 62 and Affliction FITness Crew for smoking the WODs.  Keep up the good work guys.   You can follow the movements of the week at Affliction FITness .com.

Upcoming Events!!!!

We have a lot of upcoming events in the next several months including the Holiday Season creeping up on us quickly.  I would like to have a CrossFit Affliction Social Gathering this Saturday November 7th at 8pm possibly at Bokampers in Plantation.  This will be strictly a fun gathering with no workout involved unless you wish to get blizted and do burpees.  I need to get a head count so anyone interested please email me or post under comments.  I am also open for suggestions.

I received an email from Dominic at CrossFit 305 in Miami who is holding another CrossFit Challenge at his box.  This event will occur on Saturday November 14th.  I have no other information at this time however I expect more details this week.  Anyone interested please let me know via email or under comments.  It should be a little cooler this time of the year compared to the last time we went to 305.  They are a great group and it was fun to meet other CrossFit Athletes from all over Dade County.

A few weeks ago we had a few CrossFit Celebrity Visitors.  Josh Bunch and Chasity Slone of Practice CrossFit.  They are very well known in the CrossFit Community and elite athletes.   They offered to put on a Nutrition Seminar at our location on Saturday November 21st at 10am till 12noon.  The lesson is Paleo based Nutrition for beginners and veterans.  Josh will teach three types of diets 1) for appearance 2) for performance 3) a hybrid formula for both.  After the lesson there will be a voluntary workout.  The cost of this seminar will be $15 per person.  Once again please email me or post under comments if you have an interest in this.

Last but not least we are hosting a Running and Endurance Certification on Saturday and Sunday January 23 & 24th 2010.  This Cert will be sure to help on your running form and technique.  You can sign up via or Click on the icon that flies over the top of our site.