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Coach Glenn Pendlay’s Olympic Weightlifting Clinic Saturday May 1, 2010

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We are hosting an Olympic Weightlifting Seminar this Saturday May 1, 2010.

If you wish to improve your Olympic Lifts its not too late to attend.

Not only will you be hands on doing the actually lifts.

You will witness Jonathan North (who is going to the Pan American Games) do an actual workout.

The Coaching Staff
Glenn Pendlay – Head Coach
The Pendlay name is one of the most recognized in both the Olympic Lifting and CrossFit
communities. Glenn received a master degree in Exercise Physiology and was taught the
Olympic Lifts by Mendeleyev in Moscow. Glenn has been coaching since 1995. In 1999
Glenn started a coaching program in Wichita Falls, Texas that quickly became one of the top
programs in the USA, consistently winning team championships at national competitions,
and regularly placing lifters on international teams. Glenn is an international level coach, and
currently coaches in northern California.

Jonathan North – Demonstrator, Assistant Coach
Jon is a full time Olympic Lifting Professional who trains with Glenn Pendlay at the
California Strength Academy. Jon was introduced to Olympic Lifting as a member of the
Sacramento State University football team and is now a top nationally ranked lifter in the
US with best lifts of 150kg for the snatch and 177kg for the clean and jerk. Jon is known
as an efficient and athletic lifter and is currently training for the Pan American Games.

Cost: $125 per person. Availability is limited.