Know your Trainer before you go down the wrong road

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When choosing a CrossFit Gym – you should always take a look at how much equipment they have and more important how many Certs and Seminars the Trainers have.   Below is a list of the Certs and Seminars that the Programmer Steven Bowser possesses.    Head Trainer Heidi Bowser possesses most of these along with CrossFit Kids and Basic Gymnastics with Jeff Tucker.    You should know who you are paying to train you and program your Fitness Program.

Level 1 CrossFit Coach (3 times)
Coaches Prep Course for Level 2
Basic Barbell Training Certification with Coach Mark Rippetoe
Olympic Lifting Certification with Coach Mike Burgener (2 times)
CrossFit Football Strength and Conditioning Coach Certification (2 times)
CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer Certification with Coach Jeff Martone (2 times)
CrossFit Running and Endurance Certification (2 times)
POSE Running Technique Coach Romanov
USA Olympic Weightlifting Coach with Glenn  Pendlay (2 times)
Certified Rowing Coach
CrossFit Mobility Certification (2 times)
Underground Strength and Conditioning Coach Certification with Zach Even Esh
USA Powerlifting Certification
IKFF  Level 1 Certification with Ken Blackburn (2 times)
Westside Barbell Power Lifting Certification with Lou Simmons
Westside Barbell Power Lifting Certification with Mark Bell
Mike Mahler Hormone Optimization and Kettlebell Workshop Level 1
Several Kettlebell and Olympic Lifting Workshops and Seminars
Tom Furman Kettlebell and Mobility Workshop

Just signed up for Outlaw Way Seminar, Glenn Pendlay Level 1 and 2 Olympic Weightlifting Certs, Grumpy Old Men  “Master Athletes” training and recovery programming with Daniel John, Mark Reikind, and Tom Furman and we just got approved to Host a CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Cert next year.

We are not the cheapest around but you definitely get what you pay for.   You might want to take a second look if you call a facility and they are offering you quick results for $75 or $100 a month.    You may save a little now but all that savings will go towards your deductable if you are lucky enough to have medical insurance.



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