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Coaches Prep Workout

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Warm Up

Mobility and Agility Drills

Skill Work

Kettlebell Swings, Kettlebell Clean and Jerk, Kettlebell Snatch Drills

Workout of the Day (WOD)

“Coaches Prep Workout”

20 Minute AMRAP (As many reps as possible)

Teams of 3 (or 2 if necessary)

Entire Team of 3 (or 2) must run 400 Meters

Once all members of team are back at barbell

One member of the Team at a time will complete

Push Press 115M/75W till failure

then immediately do

15 Ab Mat Sits Ups

then immediately do

250 Meter Row

Then start over again on Push Press

Each Team Member will go thru above cycle

keeping track of total reps of Push Press which will amount to score for each team.

Once Team mate #1 completes Push Press and moves on to Ab Mat Sit Ups

Team mate #2 starts his/her Push Press and continues wherever Team mate #1 left off.

For example if all three Team mates get back at bar Team mate #1 completes 15 Push Press then drops bar

Team mate #2 continues at Rep #16 as Team mate #1 starts to knock out ab mats and row.


This workout was done during the Coaches Prep Course I completed to get ready for Level 2 Coach