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CrossFit Middle Tenn WOD

By 12/16/2009No Comments


Warm Up

Joint Mobility

Light Stretching

(2 Rounds)

250 Meter Row

10 Pull Ups

10 Air Squats

Workout of the Day (WOD)

40 Push Ups
40 Squat Cleans 65M/45W
40 Box Jumps 24M/20W
40 SDHPs    65M/45W
40 Muscle Snatch    65M/45W
40 Jumping Back Squats    65M/45W

Took this WOD from CrossFit MT (Stephen Baker).   Thanks my brother!  If ever in Franklin Tenn check them out.

Core Work

25 Ab Wheel


Todays WOD was a mix of Olympic Lifts, Barbell Movements, and Body Weight exercises which made for a nice Metabolic Conditioning Chipper.