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“CrossFit Total Devastation”

By 01/04/2010No Comments


Warm Up

Joint Mobility

Light Stretch

500 Meter Row

Workout of the Day (WOD)

“CrossFit Total Devastation”

Back Squats 135M/95W max reps 10 minutes
rest 5 minutes
Shoulder Press 95M/65W max reps 10 minutes
rest 5 minutes
Dead Lifts 135M/95W max reps 10 minutes


Today’s WOD is a variation of the “CrossFit Total”.  The “CrossFit Total” focuses on a 1 rep max effort on each movement.  My variation which I named the “CrossFit Total Devastation” focuses on max amount of reps in 10 minutes with a 5 minute rest in between efforts.  This variation will turn a Strength Movement into a Met Con.  If you desire to work more on Strength than Met Con just increase the load which in turn will shorten the reps.


Thanks to all our members we are growing.  Just a few away from 90.

Mother and Daughter