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Day #1 Testing Week

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Warm Up

Mobility and Line Drills

10 Minutes to work up to 1 Rep Max on Snatch (anyhow).  First 2 Minutes is warm up

“Baseline Workout”

500 Meter Row
40 Air Squats
30 Sit Ups
20 Push Ups
10 Pull Ups

Cool Down

Band Stretch

Endurance Workout 3 + hours after CF

4 x 1 min Run (2 min rest between efforts)
6 x 1 min Run (2 min rest between efforts) if no CF today


Coaches Notes:  WOD#1 Snatch can be anyway as long as its from the ground to be Rx.  Modified version is Hanging Power Snatch.  WOD#2 “Baseline Workout” needs to be performed with perfect technique to be considered Rx.  Air Squats must be below parallel (use Med Ball with no bounce), Sit ups must be with ab mat and must touch the ground over your head and your feet EVERYTIME!, Push ups must be locked out at the top and hands released from ground on bottom, Pull ups must be chin over bar and full extension on bottom.  Compare your “Baseline Workout” to 12-06-10 or your start date assessment workout.

Click on the below video to watch Dart Fish show the bar path on a proper and improper Oly Lift