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Dead Lifts and Pull Ups

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Warm Up (10 – 15 mins)

Joint Mobility for Shoulders and Hips

Back Extensions or Good Mornings

Quick Row or Run

Strength Work (SWOD)

In 20 mins work up to 1 rep max on Dead Lift

CrossFit Workout of the Day (CfWOD)
In 12 mins
Sled Push 40 yards 90M/50W (20M High Bar then 20M Low Bar)
then AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in whatever time is left over.
7 Dead Lifts 225M/155W
7 Pull Ups

Cool Down

Stretch – Stretch – Stretch

Mobility Work


Coaches Notes:  Stance – Feet under hips or just outside, weight on heels or center of foot.   Grip – just outside the hips to prevent dragging up your shins.  Head – Neutral Gaze.   Maintain constant mid-line stability or lumbar curve throughout the entire movement.   Keep back angle the same as rising.  Bar constantly touches the body.  Stand tall at the top as the hips and knees raise at the same time.  On descent push butt back as bar slides down the thighs then once you get past your knees squat back into starting position as scapula is over the bar.