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Diet Challenge

By 01/01/2010No Comments

We are starting a sign up list for those members interested in our Diet Challenge.  We are kicking the idea around now.  The contest is based upon Body Fat Loss not just Total Weight Loss.  Details will be posted for everyone to go get a Body Fat test.  I need a approx number of participates so I can get us a group rate for the body fat test.   We are hoping to start the challenge around Monday Jan 18th.   There will be a mandatory weigh in and before pic.  There will also be a $10 fee which will be given to the winner.  The Challenge will be for 90 Days however if any contestant wishes to do the challenge for a shorter period of time they can cut it back to 60 days.  If you want to get motivated to sticking to a strict paleo or zone type diet – now is the time.  We can also offer nutritional advice and hand outs.


Just wanted to send out a quick note to everyone and let them know I just went on Running Warehouse . Com and bought some running flats.  If you buy 3 pair they are $15.88 each.  They also have more expensive models that are very inexpensive.  For those who are doing the Endurance Cert you may want to have flats to do the pose running technique.