The Playground – Broward CrossFit

The Playground – Broward CrossFit Fort Lauderdale Davie was the first CrossFit gym in Broward County.  Although we are now in a larger facility, we still have our original members and coaches from over 7 years ago.

The Playground – Broward CrossFit Davie Weston is a 10,000 sq ft State of the Art Training Facility located in Fort Lauderdale which is second to none.   We offer Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Group Training, Boot Camp classes, One on One Training, Olympic Weightlifting, Advanced Competitors Programming, and CrossFit Kids Fitness Programs ages 6 and up in our gym for people around Davie, Plantation, and Weston.

Our workout facility is fully stocked with a 54 Foot Pull Up Rig, Full Grid Set up, 34 Concept 2 Rowers, 14 Prowler Sleds, 2 Big Bob Sleds actually shipped out from the 2014 CrossFit Games, Countless Rubber bumper plates and Olympic Barbells, 5 Full Olympic Weightlifting Platforms, Leg Press Machine, Atlas Stones up to 240lbs, and much much more.   We are also the only location in Fort Lauderdale, Davie, Plantation or Weston to have a Full Body Cryotherapy Unit to help our athletes recover quicker.

Our Trainers at our Fort Lauderdale Davie Gym have more Certifications and have attended more Seminars than any other around. With our trainers averaging over 5 years Coaching experience each, you won’t find a more caring staff anywhere.  See Trainer Bio for details.   We pride ourselves on continued education to pass on the knowledge to our clients.


• 54 ft Custom Pull Up Rig
• 32 Concept 2 Rowers
• 2 “Big Bob”ssleds used in the 2014 CrossFit Games
• Over 9,300 lbs of Rubber Bumper Plates not including about 2000 in broken plates we keep outside for Prowlers
• Over 2,000 lbs of Metal Plates for Power lifting and Leg Press etc.
• 5 Olympic Weightlifting Platforms
• 134 Russian Kettlebells from 132 lbs down to 8 lbs
• Perform Better Competition Kettlebell Setpairs of 40Kg, 32Kg, 24Kg, 20Kg 16Kg
• 103 Medicine Balls from 30 lbs down to 4 lbs
• 80 Plyo Boxes from 36 inch to 14 inch
• 40 Mens Barbells
• 15 Womens Barbells
• 28 Junior Barbells
• 3 Fat Barbells
• 25 Squat Stations
• 2 Sets of Jerk Boxes
• 5 Bench for bench press
• 10 Pulling Sleds
• 14 Prowler Sleds
• 8 Climbing Ropes
• ** Strongman Gear**
• 4 Yokes
• 1 Log
• 40 Atlas Stones from 240 lbs down to 40 lbs
• 4 Pair of Farmers Handles
• 10 Sledge Hammers
• 1 Battling Chain
• 2 Battling Ropes
• **Bodybuilding / Rehab**
• 1 Cable Lat Machine
• 1 Leg Press
• 1 Leg Extension Machine
• 1 Leg Curl Machine
• **Recovery / Weight Loss**
• 1 Cryotherapy Unit