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“Football Combine WOD”

By 01/17/2011No Comments


Warm Up

Shoulder and Hip Mobility

Agility Drills

Strength Workout

Bench Press Max Reps 225Men/135Women

Do at least 3 or 4 Warm Up sets at 50% prior to Work Set

Football Combine Workout

For time:

40 yard Sprint
40 yard Low Bar Prowler 90M/50W
40 Overhead Squats 95M/65W
40 yard Overhead Walk 95M/65W
40 Russian Kettlebell Swings 70M/53W
40 yard Farmers Walk 70M/53W
40 yard Sprint


Please be sure everyone knows their max weight on Back Squat, Dead Lift, and Strict Shoulder Press this week.  Next week we are starting a 6 Week Strength Cycle blended in with our CrossFit Training so be prepared to get some Personal Records (PRs) or Personal Bests (PBs).

We will also start doing Weigh ins tomorrow Tuesday and Body Fat tests all week to start the 60 Day Paleo Challenge.  The one who loses the most body fat will get 1 free month.  So in order to qualify you will need to weigh in and sign up this week.  New Scale will be here Tuesday compliments of Steve Sexton from Your Sign Solution.