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Friday 03/13/09 WOD

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I cant think of a more fitting workout on Friday the 13th other than the “3 Bars of Death” or Linda

Workout of the Day  (WOD)



Dead Lift  1 ½ times Bodyweight
Bench Press  1 times Bodyweight
Squat Cleans   ¾ times Bodyweight

For time:

Click on the below link to see Gillian from CrossFitNYC do a demo of Linda or 3 bars of death.

Linda, done by Gillian …[wmv][mov] w/f safe

HappyFridaythe13th.gif Friday the 13th image by aliceah85

1129Squat Cleans.  Jump the bar says Coach Burgener!

112What happened to Doc and Christy?


Then there is Bench Press – which completes the 3BOD.