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Friday 07/18/08 WOD

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150 Burpees     for time

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Steven B     21:54

Tell all your friends to come out this Saturday 7/19/2008 at 1030am for the FREE Boot Camp Group Session.  I will give you a hint about the workout – Bring your poker face.

Today was a good day for burpees.  Sorry Chris K and Lisa M couldn’t make it this morning.  I had to do burpees all by myself.

Trish and Lydia got consistency with Heidi B.

Steve L is still on vacation and Steve S is on injured reserve.  Joe G is still recovering but said he will be there Saturday with his Entourage. 

Heather and Manny showed up and Heather did a great job once again.  Progress is great and she surprised herself with her dead lift. 

Just wanted to remind everyone to post times and weights on the comments section underneath.  Also buy a journal and keep track of your WOD’s. 


Trish and Lydia doing laps. 


Ab mat sit ups are always fun. 


Angel perfects the Clean with Heidi B.


Organized Med Balls


Heather on Kettlebell Swings.


Heather practices the Deadlift.  Didn’t realize she was lifting 45#s.


Manny working on handstands.  Not bad.


Ofc Wade checking out the Kettlebell.