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Friday 08/15/08 WOD

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Workout of the Day (WOD)
Olympic Lifts today.

Overhead Squat 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps

Post loads to comments.

We missed a lot of members today.  Neal, Gayle, Joe G, Heather, Chris K, Dave L, Angel, Lydia, where you guys at?  You know the rules.  You join you need to come in and train.  This isnt like Goldz where we take your money and hope you don’t come back.

Several Members did today’s WOD and several decided to make up a missed WOD.  I decided to do todays WOD this morning with Lisa M and later do yesterdays WOD with Steve L.

Here are the results of todays WOD

Steve B    95 – 115 – 135(2) – 135 – 155(1) – 135 I felt a little rushed and didn’t take enough time between sets.  Could have gone heavier.
Lisa M    45 – 45 – 45 – 55 – 55 – 55 – 65
Heidi B  75 – 75 – 75 – 85- 95(1) – 85(1)
Ryan A  Light sets of Overhead Squats (injuries)
Manny   75 – 95 – 95 – 95 – 95(1) – 95
Jeff G   65 – 65 – 65 – 65 – 75 – 75 – 85(F)

Liz  40:40 and Jackie 37:49 made up Weds (WOD) “Kelley prescribed

Trisha 101, Brian P 109, Lance S 94, Nate 177, Pam 163
All did a scaled version of yesterdays WOD “Quarter Gone Bad”

Last but not least:


My second WOD Today was Quarter Gone Bad (yesterdays WOD)
Steve B Prescribed  110
Steve L 97 Slightly scaled


It doesn’t get much better then this form on Over head Squats

Nate got smoked doing yesterdays WOD with Pam.  Great work!


Natalie does Burpees.


Jeff was working on his Overhead Squats.  Lean back and keep doing them against the wall.  I will give it to you for doing a Muscle Up earlier.  (Bastard).


Manny  also  trying to sit back on his Overhead Squat.

Heidi going for a Max on Overheads.