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Friday 12/19/08 WOD

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Workout of the Day  (WOD)

Warm up:

  • Spinning Bike  15 mins
  • Back Exts    2 x 10 – 15
  • Air Squats   2 x 10 – 15
  • Push Ups     2 x 10 – 15


Snatch 135 M / 95 W       30 reps for time

Core Work:

  • Ab Mat           3 x 25-35
  • Leg Raises    3 x 25-35

Click on the below link for some Instruction from Coach B.  Coach Heidi and I will be attending the Olympic Cert in Feb 2009 with Coach B.
Snatch Instruction, Coach
[wmv][mov]  w/f safe

PC172647 Feng from Ann Arbor Mich. came in and showed us some great form on her Olympic Lifts.  Here you can see her doing “The Snatch”


PC172649 Sharon smoked the WOD “Isabel” also.

PC172659 Donivan in an overhead position.

Steve Low cant stop sitting in between rounds.  However one way or another still gets great times.