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Health and Wellness

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Our gym is VERY Strength Based.  We love to put big numbers on the board as Rx but dont expect everyone to do those prescribed weights.  As you constantly hear – we emphasis on FORM and TECHNIQUE.

When you train like an ATHLETE you will encounter your aches and pains.  RECOVERY and MAINTENANCE is just as important as CONSISTENT TRAINING and NUTRITION.   We encourage everyone to start doing a cool down at the end of the wods.  Some like to do a slow 1 mile run with some band stretching and/or foam rolling.   And I also hear of some members taking Yoga classes on their days off (which I am currently looking for a yoga instructor to do a day or two at our facility).

The point I am trying to make here is keep up on your HEALTH and WELLNESS.  I am a huge fan of Chiropractic Health.  Chiropractors have evolved into great practitioners of Health and Wellness.  Most of them are athletes themselves.  Its not like the old days where all they do is crack your back and send you on your way.  There is much more involved including spinal decompression, deep massage therapy, and my favorite ACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUE or ART.

Here are two Chiropractors who I highly recommend depending on where you live.  The first is Jackie K’s husband Dr Darren who is in the Tamarac area and they both do CrossFit Training themselves. Pinnacle Wellness Center.  And the second is Dr Jeff B who is in the Plantation area near the Broward Mall.  Dr Jeff is a Tri-Athlete and is very aware of how we train at CrossFit. Spine & Sport Institute.  Be smart and check them out.