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Heavy Deadlifts and Tabata WOD

By 05/16/2011No Comments


Warm Up

Hip Mobility

Row 500 Meters

3 Sets of Light Deadlifts

Strength Workout (SWOD)
1 Rep Max Dead Lift (15 min time limit)
rest 5 minutes then:

Conditioning Workout (CWOD)
Tabata WOD
8 Sets of 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds rest, rest 1 minute between station
Dead Lift 315M/225W
Ring Dips
Double Unders

Cool Down

Band Stretching


Coaches Notes:  10 Minute Warm Up, 15 Minutes to find 1 Rep Max on Deadlift, 5 Minute rest to set up for Conditioning WOD.  ******Athletes can scale back the workout.   This is a CrossFit Football Style WOD and the weights are for Elite Athletes.  If the Athlete does not have a 400 + 1 Rep Max Deadlift then scale back the Deadlift weight on the Conditioning WOD.