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Holiday Gifts

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Holiday Gifts for anyone.  We ordered Custom Made CrossFit Magnetic Braclets.  Several colors and sizes available.

Members price $20

Non Members price $25 each or 2 for $45


Q: In Simple Terms, what do Trion-Z products do?
A: Trion:Z will help balance the body’s electrical makeup and promote the healing process:
—–The body is powered by electrical impulses going to the muscles and nerves.
—–Water and electrolytes in the body help create a conduit that allows the body to efficiently send electrical signals to the muscles and nerves.
—–If the body is in electrical balance, then everything works as it should.
—–If the body has too many positive ions built up (from strenuous physical activity, exposure to UV rays, exposure to electrical equipment such as computers, cell phones, TVs, etc.), the body sends false signals to the muscles and nerves. These false signals manifest themselves into symptoms such as lack of concentration, excess fatigue, heightened sense of pain, and restlessness.
—–Nature provides natural minus ions through waterfalls, rainfall, plants, and other means. People who are extremely active or are exposed to extreme levels of positive ions cannot dissipate the ions fast enough through natural means. —–Trion:Z boosts the minus ions and magnetic field of the body to bring the body into balance more quickly than could be achieved through natural means, and provides 20x to 50x the minus ion power of other metal or silicone/rubber ionized bracelets.
The types of benefits reported to us are primarily in three areas:
—–Pain relief: Many people with chronic pain have seen a remarkable improvement in pain levels after wearing the Trion:Z. This is primarily due to the reduction of the sensitivity to pain from high positive ion levels. Many golfers and bowlers have reported reduction of shoulder, wrist, knee, and lower back pain while wearing Trion:Z, allowing them to swing more freely and with less pain. (please see the testimonials link at
—–Increased stamina, focus, and reduced fatigue: Many people find that later in the rounds and games when they generally lose focus and start feeling fatigued, they are able to go longer and stay focused.
—–Relaxation and feeling of well-being: Many people have reported deeper, more restful sleep while wearing Trion:Z. Others have reported feeling less jittery and tense.

Shoot me an email or call me if you are interested.