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Hollywood Florida SWAT “FGB” WOD

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"Fight Gone Bad" Workout of the Day by Hollywood SWAT Team.

Hollywood Florida SWAT Team comes by to Check out CrossFit Training

After a brief warm up we got into "Fight Gone Bad".
Wall Balls and Jump Boxes are part of the WOD (workout of the day)
Push Press 75#’s and Concept 2 Rower
Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 75#s are the last of the 5 exercises. 

Impressive for first time CrossFitters.  P8040156

The Florida Heat was a factor but didnt stop anyone.

We completed 3 rounds of each exercise – 1 minute on each of the 5 stations.  The clock continues as they switch stations.  After each complete round of the 5 stations the group is given a 1 minute break.  The results are 17 minutes of CrossFit Affliction. 

Keep Hydrating.  This is Functional Movements Constantly Varied at High Intensity = CrossFit

Hollywood SWAT has some real Fire Breathers.  Below are the scores on the "Fight Gone Bad" WOD.  For every rep you get a point along with a point for every calorie burned on the C2 Rower.  A highly competitive Group that completed the entire workout.  Great Effort.  Click on the Photo Album on the left titled Hollywood SWAT to view all the photos.  Keep CrossFitting!!

Julio A            236
Jeffrey L         235
John H            233
Paul L             227
Van S             226
Victor T          222
Kevin              222
Swittler           218
Walt R            213
Anthony T      178
Darryl L          169
Mikey B          164
Ernie C           162
Mickey M        162
Ruiz                 142
Goodnow        137
Penton            136

Sorry if I spelled the name wrong or missed anyone.  You are all welcome to call me if you have any questions or would like to come back again.  Keep up the good work and Stay Safe.  You can check out to look at all the different WOD’s along with exercise demos.  This is the cutting edge of training for Police, Military, and Fire Fighters.