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How Fit Are You? Come into our Functional Fitness Facility and find out.

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CrossFit Training Methods can be described as Functional Movements, Constantly Varied, performed at a High Intensity Pace.  We mix up Weight Lifting Movements with Basic Body weight Movements and add in Metabolic Conditioning or Cardio and you have a Recipe to get the fastest results you have ever seen in your life.
Each time you walk into our Facility you will be Coached by a Trainer who will run you through an intense WOD (Workout of the Day).  Routine is the enemy so each time you come in the training session will be different except certain Benchmark WOD’s.  We track your progress, give you nutritional advice and give you back your heath.  First step is coming in to join our program.
Oh one more thing so you cant use any more excuses – Its for everyone.  We start you off slow or scale the workouts until your body gets accustomed to our program.  Our clients have ranged from ages 3 – 70.  We also can work around injuries which 99% of all of us have such as bulging discs or bad knees.  Its call getting older.
Jenna “Bell” Bowser cant sit on the sidelines.  At age 3 she is training for CrossFit Games 2013.  Here is her Samson Stretch.  Notice the perfect form and great flexibility.  If only all of us started that early.