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Is this program for me????

By 10/11/2010No Comments

I keep getting calls from people asking “Is this program for me”?  I also hear things like “Everyone is in shape in the pictures, I need to get in shape before I come in, and the workouts look so hard”.  News flash – many of those people were not in that good of shape when they joined our program.

I will put it plain and simple.  This program is designed for EVERYONE!  Whether you are elderly or a pre-teen, we can modify the workouts to fit your level of fitness.  However!!!!!!  You need to be prepared to work hard and open minded to learn.  So as far as this program being for you – That is totally up to you.  We have Pro Tennis Players, NFL Players, MMA Fighters, Police, Fire Fighters, Military, Endurance Athletes, Professionals such as Doctors, Attorneys, and most of all Housewives looking to get fit.

So dont get intimidated by looking at the pictures and videos but also keep in mind if you are looking for the easy fix or just want to go through the motions on machines where you get very limited results then you are better off joining a local gym.  We are not a gym – We are a Training Facility.  There is a huge difference.  Call us for an appointment if you want to find out. We offer Group Training and Personal One on ones.  We also train large Athletic Teams such as baseball and football teams.



Here are several videos of some of the workouts and competitions we held at our facility.