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“Maltz Challenge”

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Attn: Athletes competing this Saturday at CrossFit ATP in Dania at 12noon.  Today is a rest day.  You need to recover and be sure to stretch, foam roll, and do some sort of mobility for at least 30 mins.  Maybe a light run no more than 1 mile at a very slow pace especially if you are feeling sore.  Be sure to eat right and get some sleep.  Take in a little bit of salt so you dont cramp.  Its only a 10 min WOD so I dont believe that will happen.  If you need to practice some Double Unders John Skidmore will be teaching the 430pm, and 530pm.  He is the double under KING.  Sorry to say John will be leaving us in the next couple weeks due to a job relocation.  So plan on a Good bye party coming soon.

Anyone who can possibly volunteer to help coach this Saturday at CrossFit ATP please get with Jorge for instructions.


Warm Up

Mobility and Line Drills

Workout of the Day (WOD)

“Maltz Challenge”

400 Meter run
50 pull-ups
200 Meter Farmers Walk 53M/35W
50 dips
100 push-ups
50 knees to elbows
100 sit-ups
400 Meter run


On March 23, 2003, Master Sergeant Michael Maltz, a U.S. Air Force PJ (Pararescue Jumper), was killed in action in a helicopter crash along with five of his brother PJ’s while attempting a rescue mission of injured/sick children in the mountains of Afghanistan.  MSGT Maltz is the late brother of Derrick Maltz, Special Agent in Charge of SOD.
According to those who were close to him, MSGT Maltz possessed an enormous amount of strength and stamina. With this in mind, the Maltz Challenge memorial event, a specifically challenging physical workout, was created by DEA Special Agents to honor MSGT Maltz and other men and women in our nation’s Armed Forces who have been killed in action.
The Maltz Challenge is not a fund raiser, there is no entry fee, and individual participation is voluntary.  During the past three years, hundreds of DEA Special Agents, Intelligence Research Specialists, Diversion Investigators, and other DEA personnel have participated in the Maltz Challenge. This event is open to all and the popularity has grown to the point that participation by individuals from other law enforcement agencies, the military, and civilians rivals that of DEA personnel.