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Max Rep OH Squat & Conditioning

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Warm Up

Mobility and Line Drills

Strength Workout

Overhead Squat 1 rep (15 min cap)
rest 5 minutes then:

Conditioning Workout
Sumo Dead Lift High Pull 95M/65W
Overhead Squat 95M/65W

Cool Down

Band Stretch

Endurance 3 + hours after CF
Sprint/Recover 3 rounds of:
20sec/60sec, 20sec/50sec, 20sec/40sec, 20sec/30sec, 20sec/20sec, 20sec/10sec, start next round after 10 sec rest.


Important Announcement!!!!!!!!!

The CrossFit Games Open begins Tuesday, March 15th
The six week worldwide competition is the first step in qualifying for the 2011 CrossFit Games in Los Angeles.

The CrossFit Games Open is a six-week competition that will begin Tuesday, March 15th at 17:00 PDT. This competition is the first step in qualifying for the 2011 CrossFit Games. Each week, one event will be announced each Tuesday, and everyone has until the following Sunday at 17:00 PDT to complete the event and record their scores.

There are two ways to compete:

1. Compete at a Registered Affiliate: Attend a workout session at a registered affiliate and submit your score for the affiliate to validate.

2. Compete Anywhere: Perform the workout as prescribed anywhere you can or want, and videotape it. Submit your score and upload your video.

We are in the beginning stages of prepping to host the CrossFit Open at our locations along with the help of CrossFit Fort Lauderdale, South Florida CrossFit and CrossFit ATP.  Tentatively we are thinking of hosting these workouts on Saturday starting at 12noon and ending once the last athlete performs.  There will be a small fee to cover costs of expense incurred while hosting this event.  Volunteer coaches will be needed to STRICTLY enforce standards of each workout.  You do not have to be a Level 1 Certified but must be a seasoned CrossFit Athlete from one of the hosting facilities and go through a quick standards prep test prior to each WOD.   T Shirts will be provided to volunteers along with food and beverages.

If you were lucky enough to participate in the CrossFit Sectionals or Regionals last year this is the atmosphere we plan on creating.  Anyone and everyone will be invited to spectate or participate.  You do not have to be an elite athlete to compete in this event.  I highly suggest everyone get involved.  You train your ass off so you may as well put yourself to the test.  Plan on it being an electrifying competitive event.

More details to follow.  If this is of interest to you please post under comments and submit a email or contact info.