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Monday 01/05/09 “WOD”

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Warm Up:

Row 500 Meters
Samson Stretches

Workout of the Day  (WOD)

“Lightning Bolt”
4 x 100 Meter Sprints
2 x 200 Meter Sprints
1 x 400 Meter Sprints
1 x 800 Meter Sprints


5 Turkish Get Ups (each side)
Ab Wheels        3 x 10 – 15 reps

click on the video below.  this is a great warm up from Coach B who Heidi and I will be meeting in Feb for our Olympic Cert.  study this video and use it.

Burgener Warm-up…[wmv] [mov] w/f safe

for those of you who dont know what CrossFit Training is – Muscle and Fitness Magazine put together a video.  click on the below link to view it.  but for you beginners – Dont get nervous – these are the Elite and you would start off slow but who knows – maybe you will be in our next video.

Muscle & Fitness Presents CrossFit

P1042853 Runners on the line.

Turkish Getup Clinic.