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Monday 06/29/09 “WOD”

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Workout of the Day (WOD)

“Back to the Baseline Basics”

500 Meter Row
2 minutes of Pull Ups
2 minutes of Push Ups
2 minutes of Sit Ups
2 minutes of Air Squats
400 Meter Run

Max effort on each station.  Rest 2 minutes between stations.  If you haven’t noticed this is our fitness assessment which most of you completed during the “Foundations” program.

Skill Work

Practice Overhead Squats

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Today’s WOD was compliments of BGI South.  Todd gave me a fitness assessment almost 1 year ago when I asked him what he did with his new clients.  If ever up in Palm Beach County they are one of the best.  Stop by and see them.

I was mostly impressed with everyone doing the Overhead Squat.  As you can see from the pics the form and technique was pristine.  Its only going to get even better.

It also seems that the word is getting out about CrossFit.  We had approx 10 new members walk in our doors within the last few days.  Bear with me because we are switching to Mind Body Online.