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Monday 07/21/08 WOD

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Metabolic Conditioning

Four rounds, each for time of:
800 meter run

Rest as needed between efforts.

Post times for each round to comments.

Rick (CrossFit Weston)  3:48, 3:20, 3:36, 3:52
Lisa M                               4:07, 4:05, 4:01, 4:09
Chris K                              4:07, 3:41, 3:53, 4:01
Steven B                           3:25, 4:00, 4:20, 4:10
Steve L                              3:30, 3:43, 3:42, 3:49
Manny                                3:29, 3:40, 3:32, 3:33
Jeff                                     3:15, 3:19, 3:46, 3:44
Heidi B                              3:58, 3:47, 3:48, 3:50

Scaled to 200 meter run

Trish                                    :46,  :52,  :48,  :44
Lydia                                   :47,  :53,  :51,  :48
Heather                            1:07, 1:02, 1:05, 1:01

Steve S  still on injured reserve however he did some Presses, and practiced Kipping Pull ups.  Steve S also did some core work.  Hope to be back very soon.

Joe G couldnt make it due to work
Ryan is still in Hawaii (bastard)
Angel had appointments however will be back tomorrow.

Great effort by everyone.  I had a very difficult time with the Heat.  It was in the mid 90s.  We also practiced some functional bodyweight movements and Olympic Lifts.  Jeff did his first WOD today and did exceptionally well on the run. (Best time).  Jeff also practiced some Oly lifts.  Welcome to the gang.

Scale down for beginners to

Four rounds                                                                           
200 meter run


Four rounds
400 meter row


Steve S getting ready to do a Back Squat during a CrossFit Total.


Steve L going for a heavy load on Back Squat.  Good form however need to go a little deeper on the next Total.   Excellent job!!  Great spot.