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Monday 08/04/08 WOD

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Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps
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Be prepared to do Full Range of Motion Back Squats. 

Great day for Heavy Squats.  The Full Power Racks were very useful for doing full range of motion. 

Steve B    225-245-265-285(1)-265(3)
Ryan         95-115-125-125-135(3)
Heidi B     125-135-155-165-175(3)
Joe G        135-155-185-205-225      great job!!!
Heather G    35-35-55-65       Glad your Mom is okay
Manny         145-165-175(3)-175(2)-165(3)      Lots of heart.  Keep it up.
Neil               185-205-225-245-265(3)     Keep an eye on this kid.  Great form.

Nate, Pam, Gayle and Lance all new additions to CrossFit Affliction completed functional movements along with a quick warm up and warm down.  Welcome to the community.  Everyone did excellent today.


Our official Warm up at CrossFit Affliction. 


Neil doing full range of motion Squats. 


Neils technique is flawless on the Squat. 


Pam rowing on the C2 Rower.  Weapon of Choice.