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Monday 09/08/08 WOD

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Workout of the Day (WOD)


50-40-30-20 and10 rep rounds of:

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  • Steve Low    14:23 prescribed     Heidi B  10:32 singles
  • Jen                 11:33 singles           Bryson   11:31 singles
  • Angel              11:43 singles          Lance     17:15 singles
  • Ryan                 8:22 singles           Neal         8:58 singles
  • Manny              9:39 singles           Nate        13:50 KB Swings
  • Heather          12:52 singles         Steve L     12:50 singles
  • Jon                    8:53 singles

Nate went up to 190 pounds on the Dead lift which is a new PR (personal record).  I can just look at the past pictures compared to the above photo and see a huge difference in muscle mass.  Keep up the good work.  The bad guys should look out in Lauderdale.

P9061271 Bryson and Angel doing todays WOD.

P9061272 Steve Low doing some Double Unders.

P9071291 Pam made it up to 95 pounds which is a PR for her.  Another success story.  Those look like triceps bulging.

P9071295 Steve L had perfect form and this weight was easy.  He attempted 295 however failed which I believe was caused by fatique since he did todays WOD right before.  We will get it next time.

P9071322 Heather was pretty pumped when she was hitting a PR of 115 pounds for triples.  Maybe it had to do with the fact that she was keeping pace with a MMA fighter on todays WOD.  I wont mention Steve L’s name but I never seen the tenacity of a Ballerina when she was competing with Steve L the “Pit Bull”.

P9071276 Ryan had no problem with todays WOD.

P9071328 Jon – Chest up, tighten up the back, Chin down, take a deep breath and drag it up your shins and thigh.  You are almost there and ready for the FF Combat Challenge.  Give me 3 months.

P9071330 Even though it was my day off – I had to try out a few weighted pull ups.  Good times at CA tonight.  Our first day back from Barbell Cert and several PR’s on Dead Lift alone.  Thanks to all.


*Note: If you can not do Double Unders you must do 3x’s the amount of single jump rope.

Strength and Condition
5 sets of Dead Lifts

Heres a video and photo for Jon one of our Firefighter members who just joined a few weeks ago and is kicking ass.  Pass this onto your buddies at work that dont know what CrossFit is all about.  This might educate.  Click on Video below.



Brandon Cunningham of CrossFit Augusta and Again Faster
recently set a world record in the Firefighter Combat Challenge!
Watch him and his partner “Tank” blaze through the course: video.

Below are some Photos of the Barbell Cert Heidi and I participated in.  Coach Rippetoe and his staff were very helpful and full of knowledge.

IMG_5171 Coach Rippetoe and his staff along with Heidi, Pluto and myself.

IMG_5175 Coach Rip was giving Heidi some private Coaching on “The Snatch”

IMG_5139 Heidi performing a Dead Lift.

Preping for a Dead LIft. I had a little boo boo on my shin.