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Monday 09/29/08 WOD

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Workout of the Day (WOD)

Todays workout is a Gymnastic Move.

For time:

GI Jane

100 Pull Up – Burpees
Jump one foot above reach each rep. and do a pull up


  • GI Neal        15:24
  • Steve B       15:56
  • Steve Land 17:24
  • Jen               17:24
  • Jason           18:04
  • Steve Spin   19:58
  • Heather        21:13
  • Liz                 21:23
  • Jeff                23:04
  • Steve Low    24:16
  • Heidi B         25:48
  • Gus               26:34
  • Jon                26:42
  • Gidget          27:12

Pam, Nate, and (New Member) Tom completed a substituted WOD Today of 3 Rounds of 21,15,9 Push Press,KB Swing,Push Up, Set Up with a 500 Meter Row between each Round.

  • Tom 18:06
  • Pam 17:52
  • Nate 19:00


Above – New Member Tom and Pam do some Push Presses.

Michael stopped by to do a sample WOD of 7 Rounds of 7 Thrusters, Burpees, Push Ups.
P9271900 Michael doing Thrusters.  Welcome to the Party.

Neal – Are you gonna shave your head and we’ll start calling you Greg with that new Pull Up grip.
Gus and Jon getting through the WOD.  The Clean up crew.

Steve Land was doing some type of Jewish Jig before his big Holiday Dinner tonight.  Stop eating your kids Ice Cream and you will get ripped.  Even more than you are now.

The Morning ladies session.