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Monday 12/15/08 WOD

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Workout of the Day  (WOD)

“Cardio Buffet”

Run 1 mile for time
Rest as needed then
Row 2000 Meters for time
Rest as needed then
50 Double Unders for time

Core:  Knee to Elbows 2×10-15 reps
Ab Wheel          2×10-15 reps

Even though we all hate it we have to have our Met Con Day to work on our Cardio.  One of the several elements of CrossFit.  We had a great day of training and followed it up with some Core Work and some of us practiced our Kip on the Kipping Pull ups and even some Turkish getup’s.

PC132583 Nate and Pam back on track.



PC132587Burpees my ass – Double Unders suck.  Eddie and Bryson made an appearance to enjoy the pain.

PC132598 Another Jen joining the crew.  Welcome aboard.

PC142602 Juan, Mike and Heather getting in come Cardio.

PC142603 PC142605 One of the toughest Core Exercises – Knee to Elbows.

PC142616 Steve Land doing some Slam Balls after Tire Flips.

PC142615 Rhett is making incredible improvements.  Here he demos Ab Wheel.

PC142608 Juan doing some Turkish Get Up at the end of the WOD.

PC142613 Juan pays the price for practicing his Kipping Pull ups by ripping his hand open.  What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.