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Overhead Squats / Row

By 04/20/2010No Comments

Our 90 day BMI Challenge has come to an end.  Everyone needs to make an appointment with FAU to get the second Bod Pod test done.  Here is the contact name and phone number to set up this last appointment.  Be sure you receive your paperwork and hand it over to Heidi.

You may contact Korey Kilsdonk at 954 422-2227 or look him up on Facebook.  We can start going in on Friday April 30, Saturday May 1, or Sunday May 2.

Remember if you go in groups there is a discount.  Good luck everyone and post the times and date you are going on the white board so others can coordinate with you for the discount.


Warm Up

Joint Mobility

Light Stretching

3 Rounds (NFT) not for time

50 Jump Rope

5 Burpees

Strength Workout (SWOD)

Overhead Squat 3 -3 – 3- 3

Daily Workout (DWOD)

4 Rounds for time of

Row 500 Meters

rest 3 minutes between efforts

Skill Work

Practice Muscle Up


Kipping Pull Up


Be sure to do at least 3 or 4 warm up sets on the Overhead Squats prior to doing the 4 work sets.  Rest as needed between OH Squats and the rowing intervals.


Monika does a perfect Overhead Squat