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Plantation SWAT does Fight Gone Bad.

By 08/21/2008No Comments

Congrats on Plantation SWAT for coming in and doing the Workout called
“Fight Gone Bad”.
Welcome to CrossFit Guys.  Heres the top scores

Craig B    219
Jay K        214
Darren B  211
Greg M     202
Brian R     199
Brian M     187
Bob  E      168
Tom B       135
Curtis R     129
Jeff  S        124
Chad F      116

Great Job!  Prescribed Weight and Great Form and Technique.  Keep up the good work and stay safe.

Quick group warm up and we are on our way.  I think Curtis tried to drink from that puddle during the workout.  Or was that Jeff S tossing his cookies.
Let the fun begin.  5 stations including C2 Rower.
Wall Balls were second on the menu.  I feel your pain Curtis.
Sumo Deadlift High Pull 75# was third.  This kid smoked thru it.
20″ Box Jumps.
Last was Push Press 75#.  Each exercise is completed for 1 minute straight.  At the end of the minute you switch to the next exercise as the clock continues to run.  When you complete the entire circuit of 5 exercises you get a 1 minute break.  This entire circuit is repeated for 3 Rounds.  This is a 17 minute Workout called Fight Gone Bad.


Here is the end result.  The Sgt got smoked.
Say no more.
Good Group of Solid Operators.  Thanks for stopping by.  More pics on the left side photo album Plantation SWAT.