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Power Cleans and Prowler

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Warm Up

Joint Mobility and Line Drills

Strength Work

Power Cleans 5 – 3 – 1 or more

If you are on week #3
Set #1 is 5 reps at 75% of your “working”1 rep max
Set #2 is 3 reps at 85%
Set #3 is 1 rep (or more) @ 95%

Conditioning Work

5 Rounds for time:

20 Meter Prowler Push  90M/50W

7 Thrusters 95M/65W


Coaches Notes:  On Strength WOD make sure the athletes caught the Power Cleans in the Front Rack or Receiving Position every time.  On Conditioning WOD be sure the athletes pushs the Prowler High Bar for 10 Meters then switches to the other side and push it back 10 Meters low bar to a waiting bar loaded for Thrusters.