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Warm Up

Row 500 Meters

Shoulder and Hip Mobility

Workout of the Day (WOD)

5 Rounds for time.
5 Power Cleans 155M/105W
20 Double Unders

Rest approx 10 Minutes then:

Speed Work

2 x 80 Meter Shuttle Run which is (4) 20 Meter Sprints for change of direction, the ability to accelerate and decelerate


Coaches Notes:  If athletes can not do 20 Double Unders they can do 100 Single Jump Rope.  On Speed Work mark out 20 Meters and have athlete run to 20 Meter back and forth 4 times for a total of 80 meters. Complete this Shuttle Run 2 times with as much rest needed between efforts.

Olympic Weightlifting

Suicide Sprints / Change of Direction

Battling Chains