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Power Lifting Cert with Louie Simmons

By 03/14/2011No Comments

From Right to Left – Mike K, Louie Simmons, Joel, Chris, and Steven B @ Power Lifting Cert

As you can see from the pics, if you want to learn from the best, you go to the best.  Westside Barbell has many World Record Holders in Power Lifting.  Not only did we attend this 2 day Cert we had the pleasure of training with many of these Super Human Athletes and watched them move some serious Iron.

Strength is essential to being a great CrossFit Athlete.  As Louie put it having a Max Dead Lift of 500 Lbs will sure help when you need to do 225 for reps.  We will start to implement Westside’s conjugate system into our program in the next few weeks.  We will also add an arsenal of new equipment which will include pulling sleds, chains, ropes, bands, and eventually a Mono-Lift and most important of all a Reverse Hyper.

What I like most about Louie’s ideas is his teaching of explosive strength and speed during his strength cycles.  This prevents our athletes from becoming slow, bulky, and sluggish like the old traditional power lifters.  Once I start mixing this Strength Cycle in with our Conditioning Workouts and more Assistance Movements we will be hitting PR’s by even larger gaps.