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Group Warm Up

Pre Workout Yoga w/ Susanna

Agility Drills

Group Workout of the Day (GWOD)

Card Game” 20 Minute Cap

Spades         =    10 Meter Prowler Push 90M/45W

Hearts         =     10 Russian Kettlebell Swings 53M/35W

Clubs           =     10 Walking Lunges

Diamonds   =     100 Meter Row

Joker           =      5 Burpees

Cool Down

Light Stretching Session


Coaches Notes:  There will be a deck of playing cards on the table.  Each athlete will grab a card then look at the suit and do the prescribed task.  Once each athlete completes the prescribed task they run and grab another card and repeat.  When anyone happens to pull a joker they must yell “Burpees”!!!!  At that point ALL Athletes must complete the task they started THEN do 5 Burpees.   This is a 20 Minute workout that will be random since you dont know what cards you are pulling from the pile.