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Rest Day

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Rest Day


Heidi and I just got back from a Seminar with Coach Glassman (Founder of CrossFit). One thing he talked about was the early programming of CrossFit Workouts. He had swimming in the WODs. The only reason Coach G took them out is because many people dont have access to a pool. He couldnt stress it enough if you have access to a pool USE IT!!! Swimming is great for your fitness.

As far as CrossFit Training – Everyone at our facility should be very proud of themselves even if they scaled our WOD’s. I get at least 5 or 10 calls a month asking me if I am nuts with the programming from other CrossFitters around the Country. My response is we shoot for the stars and even if you fall short with a DNF (do not finish) you are still getting the workout of your life.
This week alone we did “Tillman” and “Eva”. Just like Glassman told us “We are sick individuals”!

I said this once and I will say it again – We are Sadomasochist!!!! I seen members running in the worst Lightning Storms and only stop to Puke and keep moving. Doing pull ups till you hand is ripped open and bleeding and only stopping to put tape on your hands and jumping back up on the pull up bars. Attempting a heavy lift and falling on your ass only to get back up and try it again.
Its by far the most fun I ever had working out and hanging out with a bunch of people that have so much and so little in common.

And the results are unreal. To see everyone progress makes us feel as if we succeeded.
See you on Monday.

Thanks Coach Nick for handling the Saturday Group WOD.


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