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Saturday 01/17/09 “Group Workout”

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Today we split up into groups of two.  Both Partners run together and once they BOTH get back they begin the exercise.  Only one partner can perform the exercise at a time.  When parnter #1 needs a break partner #2 begins.  Once the 100 reps is complete BOTH partners do a 200 Meter Run and come back and do the next exercise.

  • Run 200 Meters
  • 100 Push Ups
  • Run 200 Meters
  • 100 Kettlebell Swings
  • Run 200 Meters
  • 100 Air Squats
  • Run 200 Meters
  • 100 Pull Ups
  • Run 200 Meters
  • 100 Box Jumps
  • Run 200 Meters
  • 100 Wall Balls

1st place   5 Burpees     Heather/Ritza
2nd place 10 Burpees   Maisa/Jackie
3rd place 15 Burpees    Jeff/Christy
4th place 20 Burpees     Darren/Gayle

DSC00164DSC00167The group started out with a Group Warm-up including tabata air squats.DSC00170DSC00168 Then the Fun Began.  Starting with a 200 Meter Run.  And it was freezing out.  High 60s  Eat your Heart out Jersey and Canada along with the rest of our Northern CrossFit Friends who still train in sub zero degree Weather.

DSC00176The Group pushed hard.  And it was pretty close until the end.

DSC00181DSC00182Wall Balls are a favorite. DSC00186DSC00187Push ups were the last exercise – Except Burpees. DSC00189 From Left to Right – Dr Jeff and Christy are the newest members, Jackie (who has come a long way from Gold’s) and husband Dr Darren, Maisa, Heather, Ritza, and Gayle who all made impressive gains over the last few months.  If you look into our archive photos you can see incredible changes not to mention their performance level is thru the roof.  Keep up the good work.