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Saturday 04/18/09 “Group Workout”

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Today we started off with a Tabata Warm Up.  20 seconds on 10 seconds off of Pull Ups – Push Ups – Squats.  4 Rounds of each Exercise.
Afterward we split the Group into 3 smaller Groups with 4 members in each Group.  Each member of the Group had exactly 2 minutes to Row as fast as they can go.  When the 2 minutes was up the next member would get on the Rower without the clock stopping.  We went thru the Group 2 times for a total of 16 minutes.  This was a fun little competition and I believe Group #1 won with almost 4000 Meters Total.
And the C2 Race begins.
Its all part of the circuit.

So after that Warm Up we decided to do a 20 Minute “Fixed Card Game” consisting of the below exercises.
094 102
109 093
099 105
108 113