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Saturday 07/19/08 Boot Camp WOD

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Todays Boot Camp went very smooth.  Several members were missed due to illness or vacation or they plain chickened out.  Hope to see you next time.  There were several new comers present that were welcomed.  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you all again.

The day started with a call into local radio station WINZ AM Radio while I spoke to Chris (live on air about Crossfit Affliction) who is a very talented fitness instructor.  Chris stopped by the check out the Boot Camp after his show and was impressed and wished to participate at a later date. 

The "Card Game" lasted for 20 minutes and went as follows:

Hearts  =  Kettlebell Swings   Diamonds  = Wall Balls
Clubs  = Push Ups    Spades  =  Box Jumps
Joker =  200 Meter Run

Photos attached below and in Photo album on left side under Boot Camp 7/19/2008


Initial Warm up with the Group


Dave gives out the card assignments and Jeff times the workout.  Dont let the pose fool you  –  this is hardcore Metabolic Conditioning.   


Dr Darren does advanced Jump boxes Perfect Form on 24" Boxes. 


Wall Balls are my favorite.


Kettlebells training clinic.  Good form. 


Scott – you mad at something??   


Jason felt the pain – and loved every minute of it.


Andy is a natural at this.  He made it look easy.


Chris (Right) from WNIZ  940AM Radio and Larry S (Left) who just celebrated his 87th Birthday today – and yes he still has abs.  Show us your abs Larry.  Actually he is 67 years old today and in better shape than most 20 year olds.  Keep up the good work.  Chris – thanks for coming by.  Catch you next Saturday @ 10am on the radio.


Dr Darren and wife Jackie K want to continue with the WOD.  Great job guys. 


Glad that WOD is over. 


Bryant joined us for the first time and is hooked.  Hope to see you soon.  Great effort today.